Hi! You’ve stumbled across the page about me. I’m a generally pretty cool (but busy) person. I get pretty easily distracted on my own. Chances are most of you know me, but for new people, hello!

– Profile –

Name: Eliza White
Nickname/aliases: Nevi, __stardustings, gypsiescurse
Age: 25
Residing in: New Jersey
Originally from: Maine
Occupation: Student, tutor, librarian, tech lab assistant.
Favorite color: Purple!
Favorite food: Avocados.
Favorite SweetS song: Sky
Favorite SweetS PV: Love like candy floss
Pets: A fat fluffy cat, Albus, and a baby cat, Charlie.
Favorite music artists (besides SweetS): FLOWER, The Gaslight Anthem, Kesha
Hobbies: Reading, astrology, tarot cards, and making websites.