SweetS reunion + mini updates


For those of you who have followed the girls on instagram, you’ll already know that SweetS had a mini reunion. Aki is recently married and is pregnant. At her wedding reception in Tokyo, she and the other girls performed some SweetS songs. As it was a private event, I don’t know that we can hope to see the performance. Honestly, this picture of all of the girls together and the videos that were posted of them is enough for me. It’s clear that while life has gone on since SweetS, 2003-2006 really did mean so much to these girls. They’re still clearly all best friends. I love seeing this!


Also, Miori made an instagram post about the event. While the other girls have been very vocal about their past (minus perhaps Haruna), Miori has been very quiet about her time in SweetS. I’m not sure if it was a contract issue, or if she just wanted to simply make a name for herself without SweetS. Perhaps both, or perhaps it was just difficult to mention those precious times in her life. Either way, it was oddly touching to see her post about being reunited on stage with her friends.

SweetS will always have a special place in my heart. It’s touching to see that it has such a place in theirs as well. Five hearts that beat as one!

Below are videos that were posted on instagram of the girls as they rehearsed for the performance. It’s too darn touching to watch them goof around and be silly in a studio. It’s like things never changed or ended.


Outside of SweetS:
Aki: Married and expecting a child! So very exciting. I’m very happy for her.

Aya: Still is maintaining a private life, so I’m not sure what she’s up to. She doesn’t really remain active on social media (that I know of).

Haruna: Also remaining private. She looks happy an healthy and that’s all that matters. Also, she styled the girls’ hair for the performance, so I can only hope she’s still a hair stylist like she wants.

Mai: Yuigadokuson is still very strong! They seem to be sticking with the idol sound and persona. That’s not my style, but it seems to work for Mai. She remains very active with her other group members. She also does modeling and promotes honda bikes.

Miori: Sadly, LAGOON has disbanded. I’m not sure what’s next for her music career. She still remains active as an actress.

[REVIEW] LAGOON: bokutachi no mainichi ga eien ni naru + My little treasure

Their mini album has been out for a couple of weeks now and a week ago, LAGOON also released a digital single with one track.

LAGOON mini album preview

1. 僕たちの毎日が永遠になる。 ★★★★☆

I like this song a lot. The opening really has that “new beginnings/good days to come” sort of sound to me. Miori has a lot of emotion in her lyrics in this! It’s a wonderful composed song overall, mostly pretty mellow with just the right amount of energy in the choruses. I think this song is a really good representation of everything LAGOON aspires to be. It’s a great title track and opening track for the mini album. This song is still no Rhapsody in White for me, although it’s pretty close.


2. あの日の青空、君と ★★★★☆

While this song doesn’t have anything that gets it stuck in my head so far, it’s one I enjoy listening to! It’s another song with great composition. The vocals and music match each other really nicely. I think everyone’s talents are shown in a way that strengthens all pieces of this song! It’s a really heartfelt rock song. This is another example of what LAGOON is about.


3. my home ~心が帰る場所~ ★★★★☆

This is just a pretty solid mini album because I am also very impressed with this song. It has enough tempo switches in it to keep it interesting and every part seems to suit the others. It shows Miori’s vocal range as well as her ability to handle most varieties of music. I think this is what LAGOON has been aspiring to do in previous songs when trying to switch between beats and song structure. This is a really good girl rock/pop song.


4. サヨナラ ★★★☆☆

One of the most upbeat songs on the mini album for sure. There’s a lot of energy in this and I imagine the girls will have a lot of fun with this track when they perform it on stage. I just like this song less than the others for some reason. It has the great nostalgia vibe happening and it’s another example of what LAGOON has been trying to pull off in b-sides of their singles. They did it much better here than previously. However, it just feels like a typical/done before sort of song, if that makes sense. No part of it blows me away or surprises me even though it’s a nice track. Maybe I expected a sadder song given the name? Hard to tell.


5. Red eye ~1人の時間が教えてくれたこと~ ★★★☆☆

Not a bad song, but it feels like they’ve already done this one! There’s a great instrumental segment in the middle that I’m glad to hear because it definitely shows off the guitar skills. Miori’s dainty voice is pretty but I feel like it would have been more effective in this song with some grit added. This seems like a song to take vocal risks on and doing that would make it awesome. Instead it’s just okay.

Overall, this mini album gets a 3.6 star rating. It’s a pretty good mini album, but I know they can and will have stronger performances. LAGOON is finding their groove and this is completely on the right track!

僕たちの毎日が永遠になる music video



My little treasure ★★★★★

This song has a lot going on but it’s all AWESOME. Miori’s voice almost sounds cutesy in this song despite the fact that it’s heavier than most of their stuff. Everything is on par. The energy is great, the bass and drums are perfect, the guitar riffs work so well with all of it. This definitely deserved its own release!